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HCP Education

Scientific information is notoriously complex. To ensure clarity and recall, it must be presented in a compelling way that emotionally connects with healthcare professionals.

Storytelling is fundamental to that emotional connection and is what builds brand loyalty. High production, cinematic, values play a key role given these are the values they've come to expect on the back of watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Remember – Doctors are 'people' too!

  • Cinematic Storytelling
  • Training Videos
  • Panel Discussions
  • Live Webinars

Patient Case Studies

With over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we work closely with pharma brand, marketing, and compliance teams to facilitate and ensure regulatory approval.

Using processes, we’ve honed over years, we build genuine, trusting relationships with patients and support them as they tell their stories. It’s a pleasure and an honour to interview them about their experiences and share their narratives with the wider public.

We have an intimate understanding of the regulatory landscape. We also work closely with patient groups, many of which end up becoming our clients and recommending us to pharma agencies they work with.

Interactive Video

Interactive video allows users to navigate and interact with traditional video in a non-linear manner. With HTML 5 functionality strategically overlaid on top of your narrative, you can direct audiences through your preferred pathway or through one their choosing.

You can also overlay contextual downloadable materials in the form of clickable hotspots and pop-ups, which allows you to include the often-abundant mandatory regulatory information that accompanies your communication.

Most importantly – ALL interactivity is measured, giving you real data on how your audience is engaging with your videos.

360° Video, Virtual & Augmented Reality

The healthcare industry is at the frontier of innovation and new, often life-saving, discoveries are made every day. Those advancements deserve to be showcased using the latest technologies – ones that reflect the constantly evolving ways audiences want to consume content.

Be it 360° footage, virtual or augmented reality simulations, we’re constantly testing and adopting cutting edge methods, familiarising our clients with them, and deploying them strategically to ensure content is impactful and immersive. Our mission is always to secure the best results for the end user.

Conference Filming

Conferences and industry events are expensive and time-consuming. When such investment has been made, it’s vital to capitalise on it.

Whether it’s a keynote, a roundtable, or an informal discussion, we capture the most important moments, generating interesting and enticing content that extends the lifetime and reach of your event, creating new audiences.

  • KOL Interviews
  • Symposium Filming
  • Conference Highlights
  • Social Media


Animation is a great medium to help HCPs and patients better understand the complexities of medical and scientific information.

Our studio produces high-quality 3D/CGI MOA (mechanism of action) videos for HCPs which clearly demonstrates how your drug works at a molecular level. We produce 2D vector explainer animations to bring complex infographics and data to life for social posts aimed at HCPs and patients. The use of stop-motion animation (Lego animation for example) and white-board animation is another great way to communicate your message across in a simple and playful manner.

  • MOA
  • 2D Explainer Animations
  • 3D/CGI Modeling
  • Stop Motion
  • Whiteboard Animations

Corporate, Marketing and PR

Whether you're updating shareholders with financial reports, recruiting new talent or communicating something inspirational about your company, a video is a perfect medium to tell your story.

Not only do we produce engaging videos and animations to communicate your message, but we also optimise them for social syndication across channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Content Strategy and Syndication

Video is often planned for as a last-minute single tactic, and often lacks integration into wider brand communications.

We strategically advise our clients to think beyond just production and consider where they want their videos to live. We, in turn, advise them on how best to reach their intended audience and through what channels.

Our videos are optimised, localised, captioned/subtitled, and deployed on relevant global healthcare professional and patient portals as well as social channels.

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