Origins of the Flu Episodic Series

Influenza is often dismissed as a mild or insignificant illness. It’s just the flu. Our client, in advance of the launch of their influenza treatment, wanted to de-trivialise the condition and convey to their internal stakeholders the continuing lethal potential of the influenza virus.

2018 marks the 100th year since the outbreak of the Spanish Flu. So, we crafted an episodic narrative documentary in which an expert in the historical aspects of influenza sat in conversation with a virologist who is on the cutting edge of research. 

We shot five locations over three days in and around London. Including an interesting morning during rush hour at St Pancras train station, a cemetery and an old stable that was converted to a studio.

We worked with archivists at the Royal College of Nursing to get historically accurate items to include in the film.

We edited the material into 8 episodes 8-10 minutes long, that were released on the company’s intranet. The client loved the films so much, they used them again and again at their launch meetings and conferences throughout the campaign.

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