How to Use a Teleprompter


The teleprompter is a useful tool that allows the subject of a video to read the script while being filmed. It’s the perfect solution to many situations; whether the video is being recorded live, the subject of the video is having trouble memorising the script or the number of editorial cuts needs to be limited. Additionally, teleprompters are often used by presenters at big events such as award shows or seminars. Using a teleprompter removes some of the stress of being on stage, which in turn allows the presenter to give a better performance and focus more on connecting with the audience.

Asking your film crew to use a teleprompter can make it easier and more efficient to create a high-quality video that clearly delivers the message you envisioned.

The teleprompter is a piece of glass placed in front of the camera lens and angled over a screen. The script will be displayed on this screen and reflected onto the glass. The words on the screen cannot be seen on camera, which allows the subject to look directly into the camera lens and engage with the audience. If it is preferred that the subject looks off lens, all you have to do is move the screen beside the camera. Make sure your subject is placed far enough away from the camera that you can’t see their eyes moving as they read the script.

While the subject is in front of the camera reading the script, there should be someone in the room supervising the speed of the scrolling text. By using the right application, this person can control the speed of the text from a mobile device.

Practice is key! The subject of the video needs to practice reading the script out loud to the supervisor to determine at what speed the text should be scrolling. It needs to be slow enough to read every word, but fast enough to create a nice speech flow.
Practice Practice Practice!

Remember, the script will undergo many changes up until the day of the shoot, so make sure the script on the teleprompter is the most recent one. It’s also worth noting that technical issues can sometimes occur while using a teleprompter. It’s a good idea to be prepared for this by discussing in advance how this situation should be handled.

Worst case scenario, you’ll just have to follow Jimmy’s lead and show off your improvising skills.

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