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Todd’s Prostate Cancer Story


Janssen’s commitment to patient advocacy led to the co-creation of ‘My Prostate Cancer Roadmap’ website in collaboration with multiple advocacy groups. This collection of content, exploring patients’ mental and physical experiences with diagnosis and survival in advanced prostate cancer, helps patients and doctors to understand new treatment paradigms and their impact on patients. Janssen required the creation of video content exploring the experiences of patients with late stage cancer. Survivors whose stories must be told with empathy whilst protecting their physical and emotional wellbeing.


Plan of Action

Contacted by agency Edelman US, Streaming Well responded with a high quality video. Streaming Well brings an in-depth knowledge of the relevant regulations and codes of practice for working with patients and advocates. Our experienced production team treats all patients with sensitivity. Streaming Well’s years of experience, ingenuity, creativity, and flexibility resulted in a film of exceptional quality.


Creative Strategy

Using a multi-camera shoot, in multiple indoor and outdoor locations in an around a patient advocacy meeting, Streaming Well effectively worked within the constraints of time and budget.


Final Product

The film furthered Janssen’s goal of encouraging patients to be active participants in their treatment and talk to their doctors about their symptoms, treatment pathway and new advances.

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