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Love Your Heart


National Rheumatoid Arthritis (NRAS) asked us to create the videos to go on a website that would help those with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) understand why they are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The educational behaviour change programme was to be based on a group activity that had been delivered ‘live’ and NRAS wanted to convert it into a format that would reach a larger audience. We realised that this objective would be much better served through the use of interactive ‘smart’ video and suggested that to the client.


Plan of Action

NRAS provided us with an outline of the programme and some draft script outlines for each of the videos. We developed a full script and wireframes for the interactive video. We developed a design look and feel and created interactive tools to deliver the experience.


Creative Strategy

The programme features high quality videos from medical experts on exercise, nutrition and stopping smoking amongst other topics.

We decided to film all contributors against a green screen so that the footage could be easily adapted or swapped out as NRAS anticipates updating the programme as needed.

The interactive video supports full reporting functionality allowing the client to receive and analyse detailed user information regarding both their experience with their heart health and their use of the programme.

The use of interactive video for this project allows the user to progress through the programme at their own pace and provides feedback in the form or personalized downloadable .pdfs to support the learning journey.

The video was edited with typography on the screen to support meaning and learning throughout the videos.



We worked with Videum to support the programme, making use of their interactive video technology. This allowed us to move away from adding video to a web supported platform and instead include all functionality within the video. The technology allows the user to register for the programme, set goals, interact with quizzes, receive reminder emails and a personalised certification of completion. Best of all this programme can be embedded on any platform or screen and is already being white labelled for global charities.


Final Product

Love Your Heart is available on NRAS’s website. It achieved more than 150 sign ups on the first day.

The online interactive video programme is available free of charge. It is an engaging and educational platform that allows users with RA to:

  • understand the reasons why RA increases risk of CVD or heart conditions
  • hear from people with RA who have done this programme in a face-to-face format and benefitted from it
  • complete a QRISK®2 assessment – a GP-recognised prediction algorithm for CVD
  • learn how to reduce their risk of CVD
  • set goals and mitigate the risks associated with your condition

It sends the user all the information automatically via email so they can print reminders.


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