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Fundraiser Week Highlights


Third Sector requested three highlights videos of their Fundraiser Week; one for each day of the event. Their goal was to display the event’s success and hopefully encourage new participants to join them for future ones. This Fundraiser Week allowed the public to learn about new charities, fundraising techniques and codes of conduct.

Plan of Action

Streaming Well sent two cinematographers to film this 3-day event. Their goal was to film the symposia, the public interacting with one another and other inspiring footage that demonstrates the important aspects of the event. They also filmed several interviews, which were used to add information and emotional appeal to the videos.

Creative Strategy

Fast music and diverse filming techniques were chosen to keep the audience engaged throughout the video. Another objective was to connect with the audience by using interview shots that portrayed personal opinions about the event’s success, while clearly defining what the event entails.

Final Product

This video was posted on the Third Sector’s website and YouTube channel. It creatively summarised the event’s success and educational benefits.

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