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Conference News Reports


‘Doximity’ contracted Streaming Well to work with their internal editorial teams to co-produce, film and edit visually inspiring and informative videos capturing the American Association of Pediatrics Annual conference in Chicago, 2017.

A collection of short video clips covering highlighted ‘hot topics’ to be released post the event on Doximity’s internal newsfeeds and social platforms.


Plan of Action

To create:

A content plan with interviews with key speakers. To capture the challenges faced by pediatricians in the recent political climate.

Graphic animations to enhance key learning.

Work on-location with existing editorial teams to produce engaging and topical content.


Creative Strategy

To deliver:

Daily highlight videos; edited on-site and agreed with the client prior to starting an intensive post-production schedule.

Achieved by:

Direct liaison with the press office to secure supporting b-roll footage and access to press releases.

Off-site medical writer to produce accompanying articles.

Establishing a collaborative working relationship to ensure key messaging is consistent and end product impactful.


Final Product

Delivery of 12 video sequences of approximately 3 minutes duration covering a wide range of topics within Pediatric Practice.

Six articles capturing current trends and practices within Pediatrics.

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