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Shelby’s Severe Asthma Story


Teva Respiratory approached us to create a series videos telling the stories of two people living with Severe Eosinophilic Asthma (SEA). These videos would be shown across multiple platforms and to both internal and external audiences.


Plan of Action

Working closely with the client we carefully selected the two patients to be featured in the video and conducted interviews with them. From these phone calls, we constructed a shooting script and storyboard. Our US based production lead, a director and a producer from the UK traveled to Michigan and Atlanta for a week-long shoot. This complex shoot involved eleven locations (indoors and outdoors) and multiple cameras and a drone.


Creative Strategy

The videos show how SEA profoundly impacts the lives of patients and their families and demonstrates the effect of the medication whilst keeping within the POM’s license.

The POM is administered through an infusion. One of our objectives was to show that the infusion delivery system of the drug was manageable by patients and by HCPs in the clinical setting.

The creative challenge came in telling a compelling story whilst meeting regulatory restrictions.

We innovated using interactive ‘smart video’ to deliver the ISI and PI through clickable hotspots on the video itself, meeting the ‘one-click rule’ whilst maintaining the freedom to embed the video on any website.


Final Product

We delivered a series of more than eight individual cuts of the videos using the footage of the two subjects. Including one story for each of Mark and Shelby (which are approved for use with patients in the US), a video that combines their stories thematically, versions for use at trade shows and internal sales meetings as well as localised versions for use in Europe with HCPs.

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