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Cervical Cancer Symptoms - Claires Story

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Claire was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2009 but has since gone on to make a full recovery.

Claire (Cervical Cancer Survivor): Symptoms I experienced were an abnormal discharge. I was having a lot more than you get around your period, which I think is generally normal. But, there seemed to be quite a lot of it and that prompted me to think about going to the doctors. I didn’t go necessarily at the start of that. I went a few months after I noticed it had got worse. Then I had a bleed outside my normal period. That definitely made me think I really had to go to the doctors.

At that point at the hospital they then tried to do a smear test and check me over but they couldn’t because they found fibroids. I don’t know whether that was related to the abnormal bleed, I’m not too sure. They did an internal scan and found that the fibroids were there. At that point I didn’t have any cancerous symptoms or anything.

I was in for day surgery. They took the fibroids out and it was at that point that one of the doctors came around and said, “We’ve found a slight abnormality”. They took a sample and it was the following week after I’d been for that appointment that they then told me it was cancerous. They had found a tumor.

The treatment that the doctors prescribed was a course of chemotherapy. I had that every night over three weeks. Then at Christmas, in 2009, I had a radical hysterectomy. After, I had recovered from that I had radiotherapy.

I’m doing really well at the moment. It was more of a shock over the last couple of years but now I’m kind of getting my head around everything that’s happened. I’m doing much better.

There are a few cervical cancer symptoms you can look out for such as:

• Bleeding during and after intercourse
• Bleeding between the periods
• Bleeding after the menopause

Other cervical cancer symptoms may include:

• Pain during intercourse
• An unusual or unpleasant vaginal discharge
• Pain in the lower back

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