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Video in support of medical journal



Touch Medical Media (TMM) contracted Streaming Well to produce video content to support the release of two medical journal articles. These articles were published on www.touchNeurology.com the website of US Neurology, a peer-reviewed, open access, bi-annual journal.

The video content complements the scientific journal articles on advancements in the treatment of MS. They enrich the viewer experience and increase the time spent on the site.

The articles examined the role of nutrition in managing symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


Plan of Action

Working with the client, we reviewed the articles and collaborated to create interview questions. We agreed tone and point of view.

We confirmed the contributors – a nutritionist and a patient – and agreed to use a warm conversational style to convey the perspectives from both the patient’s and the professional’s point of view.


Creative Strategy


Streaming Well’s producer/director travelled to New Jersey, USA and working with a local camera team conducted the one-day shoot. Back in London, Streaming Well’s content team reviewed the footage and grouped the sections thematically.


Our aim of using video to support and enhance existing online and printed content was achieved through a commitment to the content and the preservation of messaging while creating a format that appeals to disparate and specific audiences.


Final Product

In four themed expert interviews, a patient and a nutritionist provide an honest and thought-provoking account about how diet and lifestyle modifications can help to alleviate symptoms of MS.


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